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Carry A Spare Everything

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passion for fashion

Alison Malkin Schwartz - PASSION FOR FASHION

My car trunk has many spare things in it not including tires…

I have found that spending all hours of the day with my children this summer equals many outfit changes.  Since we are out and about for most of the day, I’ve learned that my car trunk seconds as a closet for my children.

My daughter insists on having a backup pair of flip-flops at all times. When she’s running around in sneakers at the playground for hours at a time, she can throw them off her sweaty feet afterwards and let them air out wearing her flip-flops.

I’ve learned from experience that carrying swimsuits in the car can be a real lifesaver. Ending up at my friend’s house led to a swim in their pool that I didn’t come prepared for. My kids, almost about to have multiple meltdowns thinking that we left their suits at home, were pleasantly surprised when I whipped out their suits from the trunk of my car…. glad I dodged that bullet.

My five year old son is like a walking stain, constantly falling in the dirt and spilling food and beverages on every shirt he owns, then ripping anything off that’s the tiniest bit wet (sound familiar)! It’s imperative that back up outfits are on hand to be replaced after all meals acquired throughout the day.

Of course my kids love to complain how every restaurant and other indoor facility is freezing inside, especially the movie theatre that we’ve been frequently visiting to stay out of the 90-degree weather outside.  My point, a sweatshirt is a must have item for our trunk!

Of course you might want to consider adding extra underwear to your collection for the toddlers in your life.

Bottom line… I’ve learned it pays to be prepared and our days run much smoother carrying spare clothes, and being ready for all spills and climate changes during the day.


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