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Dressing for the Theatre

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passion for fashion

Alison Malkin Schwartz - PASSION FOR FASHION

This past Saturday night my husband and I had a long overdue overnight in Manhattan and decided to see a show on Broadway.

It’s been ages since I’ve had the opportunity to treat myself to live theatre and I must say I was a little shocked at some of the dress combinations I spied at the show. From ripped jeans to cut off shorts and t –shirts and a few sneakers in the midst, I can’t believe how dressed down some of the audience was.

My personal opinion on dressing for any live performance (not including rock concerts) requires a little more effort. Appropriate dress for a woman might include a dress or skirt (not frayed or ripped), a blouse or a sweater paired with a pair of slacks.  If a pair of jeans is your only option, make them dark so they at least look like they’re on the dressier side.  No sneakers or flip-flops please!

For men, slacks and a button down shirt in lieu of a suit, or chinos and a collared shirt. Same as above if you’re opting for jeans. Boat shoes or loafers instead of sneakers would be a better choice.

I’ve always had the outlook that attending a show is a special treat and we tend to dress up for those occasions. Remember, you never have to spend a fortune to look polished.


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