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List Making

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MOMMY NETWORK by Susan Fishback

Put your thoughts into action!

You’ve decided what direction you are moving in and you know how to find important information; but when are you going to do it?  Like many things in life, we know what to do but it can be difficult getting started.  Creating a schedule is a great way to find a time that works for you and helps you focus.

One way to move forward is to write a list of each task that needs to be completed and estimating how long each task will take.  Next, write out your current schedule for the entire week and see where you can fit each task.  By looking at the full week, you won’t be as overwhelmed and it makes the tasks seem more manageable.  Don’t forget to allow time for promoting yourself.  It can be as simple as fifteen minutes a day on social media or being involved in your community.

Be fair to yourself, and consider what time of day is realistic for completing these tasks.  My oldest is an early morning person.  For seven years, we have been waking up at 5:30 – thankfully, this winter he slept in until 6:30 but we are currently waking up with the birds.  Being up so early, makes mornings a great time for me to work on my blogs or peruse social media and articles related to my interests.  By the afternoon, I am usually dragging a bit and not very effective or motivated for that matter.

In the beginning of my transition, I was pretty lax with my time and as the kids’ schedules started getting busier I was losing my time for writing.  I looked at what days are less crazy and set them as my writing days.  I try to allow 15-30 minutes each morning for looking through social media and reading interesting articles.After creating this schedule, I have been more efficient and consistent in my work.  I may not complete my goal first thing in the morning but I am always there by the end of the day.

Just making the commitment will provide you with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Catch up on more posts by Mommy Network, Susan Fishback, at and read some of her other thoughts at or follow her on twitter @susanfishback


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