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Make Your Own Crackers

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james weiselman schulman chef daddy

James Weiselman Schulman CHEF DADDY

This afternoon I was asked to make crackers. I admit, making crackers at home is a bit uncommon, but this was not the first time that one of my son’s friends was visiting and when the kids asked for crackers, I said, “we don’t have any but we can surely make them.” I received the prompt query, “make them?”

Yes! Make them!

There was a time, not that long ago, when, if you wanted something to eat, you had to make it. Bread, pasta, sauce, soup – you name it. We have all become too accustomed to the idea that food is a product that can sit on the shelf in a neat little box and last forever until we have the urge to eat it RIGHT NOW! There is something to be said for the time and effort that it takes to make the foods we eat. I (and many others) would argue that we would all be more respectful of the food we eat if we took a little more time actually preparing the food in the first place.

As great as eating at a restaurant can be, the effort that it takes to make something from scratch shows in your food in ways that almost no restaurant can copy. When we make food, we are connected to it in a way that cannot be replicated at the drive-through.

If we can teach our kids the value of hard work and effort as it relates to what we eat, they too will respect the food in ways we cannot imagine and experience genuine joy eating and sharing their creations with others.

Back to the crackers. After a moment of amazement at the thought of making them ourselves, the kids were eager to jump right in and do it on their own. With a little oversight, they did a great job mixing, rolling, and using cookie cutters to shape the crackers. I know they thought they tasted that much better too.

For a cheesy cracker recipe check out this one.

Got a question for Chef Daddy? Ask in the comment section below and he’ll answer in an upcoming post.

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