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Vintage Shopping

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passion for fashion

Alison Malkin Schwartz - PASSION FOR FASHION

I love a Vintage Shopping Spree

I’m not a regular vintage shopper but I do enjoy the experience of shopping in a vintage store when I have some “free time” on my hands.

The thrill of finding a piece of clothing, handbag or jewelry that has its own personal journey and history with previous owners, traveling between different parts of the country, or world for that matter, is a very exciting concept when you really think about it.

If you’ve ever entered a vintage store it can be very overwhelming. With lots of bold colors and retro prints hanging from every angle, you might want to run the other way, but I encourage you to take your time looking throughout the shop and picking out some pieces that jump out at you immediately.

If you’re looking for clothing, definitely try everything on. If many alterations have to be made in order to have it fit correctly then I would pass on the garment. However, if minimal tailoring can fix the garment to your liking – go for it and buy yourself something unique that no one else will have.

My personal favorite vintage pieces that I shop for include coats, purses and costume jewelry. I find pieces that really bring you back in time and then pair it with something a bit current to combine the past and present together. Shop owners can fill you in about the pieces you are interested in and maybe clue you in about their history.

I love finding classic designer bags that I wouldn’t normally buy because they are so expensive, but I find an older version at a cheaper price and feel less guilty about spending the money.

Make sure you have time to shop (minus kids and husbands) and you will have a much better chance of scoring some really cool pieces…plus it’s a nice change from shopping at the Gap.

Happy shopping!!!


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